We do NOT have to live with this pollution. We CAN contribute to CHANGE.

The results of 220 years of pollution by Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) combined with Industrial use of fossil fuels as a power source has POISONED the air we breath. It is not fair on our children. It is melting icebergs AND killing people.

By working together as an Alliance we truly believe we have the ability to substantially accelerate the transition to Electric Vehicles and in so doing ALSO assist and accelerate the transition to sustainable energies.

Sure, the British Government have taken initiatives to penalise and ultimately ban ICEs, but these legislations are far, far away, in fact up to 23 years away, with target dates as late as 2040.

EV-Alliance believes we can accelerate this transition substantially, starting Right Now.

The complete transition to EVs will eradicate the pollution caused by ICE engines and save lives, while clearing our cities of ever increasing smog and fatal pollutants. But of course it can't be done overnight, it has to be one small step at a time. We believe we can make large steps for the UK if we accelerate the understanding and acceptance of EVs, and if we grow the membership of EV-Alliance.

You CAN make a difference!

Electric motors are  much simpler, much easier and much cheaper to maintain, they are very very effective and fun to drive.

The Internal Combustion EngineSource The EconomistOver 2000 complex moving partsEmits dangerous and seriously damaging gasesThe Electric Vehicle MotorSource Tesla20 Relatively simple moving partsZERO emissions from a pure electric motor

Makes financial sense!

Capital Cost Examples

*After the £4,500 Government Grant.

A second hand, 5 seats, 5 door Tesla Model S 85 executive family saloon with 312 mile range on a single charge (NEDC) and 0-60 in 5.4 seconds performance and FREE Supercharging  for life now costs less than £40,000 or £599 PCM.


Running Costs - Explained

Replacing the Battery




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