Alliance: “An association formed for mutual benefit”

All EV owners, have a choice where they source products and services. Our corporate members, or “Sponsors” can demonstrate their support for electric vehicles and expressing a common interest, not only in the technology, but in the goal of cleaning our atmosphere. You and/or your business  can become first choice ‘go to’ suppliers for ALL members of EV Alliance, locally & nationally.

  • Talk to us
  • We’ll listen
  • We promise

Are you are interested in helping to rid  the planet of pollution and believe you can offer ANY benefit to EV owners, or prospective EV owners  in the UK, we would love to hear from you.

All of our corporate members will be featured on our website. Our EV owners will be able to search services and products by  geography. In certain commercial categories we are open to discuss exclusivity, subject to national coverage or availability.

In a nutshell, as a corporate member we can offer you a 'strategic alliance’. If you have a product, service or information that could benefit our members, and you are prepared to provide that little something, different or better for EV Owners, then we would LOVE to hear about it. As you would expect from an organisation that is already pioneering  in a dynamic marketplace, we LOVE ideas and left-field thinking.

Examples include but are in no way limited to:

  • Free parking at council or borough car parks. Locations to be confirmed
  • Reduced costs for on the road charging.
  • Advantageous rates from national utility electricity suppliers
  • Discounts from hotels, restaurants and retail chains.
  • Low cost roadside get me home (or nearest charger) vehicle recovery.
  • Reduced cost vehicle insurance
  • Promotion in our regular membership newsletter  “ ZERO”

Differentiate your company now and become 1st choice for EV owners.

Corporate sponsorship - registration

Briefly explain the benefits your company may be prepared to offer to EV Alliance members, who are EV owners.



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Initially there is no cost to corporate sponsors but a contribution to cover the costs of producing and posting the corporate membership pack, adding your logo and proposed member benefits to our website and database.


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M: 07836 275951

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