2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance: Here's What We Thought
EV-A Editors Comment:

This really will change the Future NOW.( well......NOW in the US & Canada anyway, but here in the UK quite soon)  OK, this is a review of the expensive 4 WD Performance Model. But the real Game changer is when the £29,000 RWD model delivers in 2019. A New Paradigm in the Auto Industry.

IF you are old enough to remember the first deliveries of Colour Televisions,it didn’t take long for every neighbour to get one, after they had seen it and had a “test drive”


It is  going to be that much of a revolution. 310 miles from a single charge! Either Overnight at home or 20-30 minutes at a Tesla Supercharger for 80% of capacity,  which CAN BE FREE to Fill UP or Top UP ,IF you use an existing owners referral code when ordering. Contact us for a referral code, we get nothing from it, except satisfaction.

6000+public charging locations in the UK as of today
ZapMap, 25/7/18:

This is pretty significant as we are getting closer to the c.8,400 petrol stations. Not long now!

Office for Low Emission Vehicles

New homes will be fitted with electric car chargers
Graeme Paton
- July. 9th 2018. The Times

New homes will have to be built with electric car chargers as part of a plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles, it will be announced today.

Building regulations will be overhauled to require developers to include external chargepoints outside houses, flats and offices. All new streetlights will also be expected to have charging systems to ensure more drivers can power up their car battery by the roadside and the government will invest in trials of “wireless” charging technology.

Air pollution harms one in three children
Ben Webster - June. 21st 2018. The Times

One in three children in Britain is growing up with air pollution damaging their health, a study has found.

About 4.5 million children, including 1.6 million aged five and under, live in areas with levels of particulate matter above what the World Health Organisation considers safe, according to the charity Unicef UK. Air pollution can stunt lung growth and affect brain development in children.

Separate research has found that children are exposed to 30 per cent more pollution than adults when walking on busy roads. This is because they are shorter than adults and nearer the exhaust pipes of vehicles, the environmental charity Global Action Plan, which commissioned the study, said. They are exposed to less than half as much pollution if they walk along quiet back streets.

Travelling by car may be the worst for children’s health, with the study showing that in traffic they breathe in twice as much pollution as those walking on busy roads. This is because fumes can become trapped in the car.

For the research, children and adults in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and London carried an air pollution monitor while walking along a quiet route, a busy road and driving in traffic.

Joe Farrington-Douglas, head of policy at Asthma UK, said that the 1.1 million children in Britain with asthma were particularly vulnerable and called for a Clean Air Act

Volkswagen fined another €1bn as diesel scandal keeps on running
David Chartert - June. 14th 2018. The Times

Volkswagen said yesterday that it would not contest a fine of €1 billion imposed by German prosecutors over its diesel exhaust-cheating scandal.

The penalty means that the German carmaker has paid out more than €25 billion in fines, compensation and refits since the revelation in September 2015 that it fitted almost 11 million cars worldwide with software designed to fool official emissions tests.

EV BATTERY DEGRADATION < 10% at 186,000 mile and <20% after 500,000 miles :  Quote Tesla + Independent Analysis
Fred Lambert - Apr. 14th 2018. Electrica

Battery degradation is one of the biggest concerns for electric car owners and potential buyers, but data from Tesla battery packs have been very reassuring so far.

Now the latest data shows less than 10% degradation of the energy capacity after over 160,000 miles on Tesla’s battery packs.

Porsche CEO: “Wait, wait, wait........wait _ _ _ _ _ GO!”.......Electric Only 911?-  Really?
Fred Lambert - Apr. 9th 2018. Electrica

Porsche has been making plug-in hybrids for a while now, but it has been resisting going fully electric for a long time.

We have seen a shift from this since the development of the Mission E and they even said that they plan for 50% of their production to be electric within 6 years – one of the most aggressive electrification goals among legacy automakers.

Germany’s Finance Minister: We Must Do Everything We Can To Avoid Diesel Car Bans
James Ayre - Apr. 31st 2018. Clean Techna

Speaking in a recent interview, the new finance minister of Germany was quoted as saying that everything possible must be done to avoid the imposition of diesel car bans in the country’s cities.

The new finance minister, Olaf Scholz — himself apparently the owner of a diesel car — instead called for investments into plug-in electric vehicle charging infrastructure to be boosted, with the idea being to get more internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles off the road that way.

London bus route goes ALL electric
Chris Morris - Apr. 28th 2018. Charged electric vehicle magazine

London’s world-famous red buses are steadily going electric. Route 153 serves many of the City of London’s most congested streets, between Finsbury Park in the north and Moorgate in the heart of the financial district.

This route will be the fourth in the capital to go fully electric, with a new fleet consisting of eleven 10.8-meter single-deck Enviro200EV electric buses, jointly manufactured by China-based BYD and Scotland-based Alexander Dennis. The depot will be served by charging points manufactured by BYD.

Start Up EV Factory - Tesla

‘It’s the beginning of the end’ for internal combustion engines, says UPS as it updates its fleet to electric
Fred Lambert - Mar. 30th 2018. Electrica

UPS, which operates one of the largest fleets of vehicles in the world, has several electrification efforts and today, it got quite excited about the prospect of going all-electric as it deployed a new smart-grid technology to support its growing EV fleet in London.

So much so that it called it “breakthrough” that “signals the beginning of the end of a reliance upon traditional combustion engine powered vehicles.”

VW's Dieselgate A LOT Worse Than You Think
Matt Pressman - Mar. 9th 2018. Clean Technica

Netflix has a new series, Dirty Money, and its first episode, “Hard NOx” from Director Alex Gibney, is disturbing. Why should this be of interest to Tesla fans? Because it shows the lengths to which legacy automakers will work to maintain a fossil fuel future. You might’ve read something about Volkswagen, the world’s biggest automaker, embroiled in an ever-expanding Dieselgate crisis. But, as bad as it is, it’s actually far worse than many suspected.

UK Volkswagen owners urged to join largest-ever class action over emissions scandal
Mar. 26th 2018. CITY A.M

The law firm acting for around 10,000 Volkswagen (VW) customers whose cars were fitted with defeat diesel devices has urged more claimants to join what could be the largest-ever class action.

Your Lawyers is currently acting for around 10,000 VW consumers who are suing the car maker over its role in the 2015 emissions scandal, in which devices designed to cheat emissions tests were installed in certain models to artificially lower levels of nitrogen dioxide.

Nearly 45,000 motorists teamed up in a class action lawsuit at the end of last year, with Slater and Gordon also representing a bulk of the claimants.

Electric cars are disasters and evil’, says Hyundai’s union head as they plan to accelerate their EV effort
Fred Lambert - Mar. 27th 2018. Electrek

ISeveral legacy automakers are finding that switching production of gas-powered cars to electric vehicles is requiring fewer workers and that’s causing problems with unions, which are often strong in the auto industry.

In Korea, Hyundai’s union head is now even calling electric cars “a disaster” and “evil.”

Ha Bu-young, the head of the Hyundai Motor union, South Korea’s biggest and most powerful union, told Reuters in an interview this week:

    “Electric cars are disasters. They are evil. We are very nervous,”

He predicts that as much as 70% of the workforce could lose their jobs as a result of the transition to electric.

Electric car sales in Germany finally start to soar: Tesla leads.
John Voelcker - Mar. 14th 2018. Green Car Reports

It's starting to look like China will lead the world in adoption of plug-in electric cars, but which carmaking nations will follow it?

While electric cars were launched simultaneously in Japan and the United States, Europe lagged somewhat behind.

Now, however, Germany—home to the largest piece of Europe's auto industry—appears to be catching up.

Goodyear develops tire dedicated to Optimise EV efficiency. Kyle Hyatt - Mar. 9th 2018. Road Show by CNET

This EfficientGrip Performance concept is specifically designed to deal with the unique brand of punishment that EVs can dole out.

Zero Emissions ?Long Range? Quick Charge? Super Fast ? Beautiful? High High Tech?
THE Industry Benchmark for Under £30k. UK deliveries late 2018.
Charles Morris - Mar. 19th 2018. Charged electric vehicle magazine

Tesla’s Model 3 is breaking new ground in all kinds of ways. I’m pretty sure no new vehicle in history has ever been so difficult for members of the news media to get hold of. Unlike other automakers, Tesla provides very few review vehicles to the press – even the handful of favored media outlets have had to settle for brief test drives. CNN actually had to rent a Model 3 on Turo in order to do a review!

Fortunately, our colleagues at Tesla aftermarket supplier EVannex were among the first non-Tesla employees to receive a Model 3 – probably thanks to the fact that founder Roger Pressman was the owner of a Signature Series Model S – and I recently got to take it for a spin through the sprawl of suburban South Florida.

Ford teases upcoming electric vehicles, says it will focus on charging experience Fred Lambert - Mar. 15th 2018. Electrek

Ford doesn’t have much to show for when it comes to all-electric vehicles aside for the Focus Electric, a compliance car converted from the gas-powered version, and a lot of press releases, but the automaker now teases a series of new electric vehicles and its strategy to convince customers to go electric.

Last year, Ford’s new CEO, Jim Hackett formed a new internal team, called ‘Team Edison’, to oversee electric car programs and he shifted one-third of internal combustion engine investments to electric cars, but the company is still investing more in the former than the latter.

Carmakers ‘should pay for pollution’ Ben Webster - Mar. 15th 2018. The Times

Car manufacturers should be forced to contribute to a clean air fund to compensate for the health costs of diesel pollution, MPs will recommend today. The policy would cost some companies hundreds of millions of pounds.

Members of influential Commons committees are also calling for sales of new petrol and diesel cars to be phased out much earlier than 2040, the date set by the government for all new cars to be electric or hybrid.

VW announces electric vehicle production plans with 16 sites, $25 billion in battery cell contracts Fred Lambert - Mar. 13th 2018. Electrek

As we discussed in the latest episode of the Electrek Podcast, Volkswagen’s electric car efforts mostly consist of press releases and concept vehicles at this time, but they seem quite serious about it based on their investments.

Today, the company unveiled its electric vehicle production plans with 16 production sites and a massive ~$25 billion investment in battery cell contracts.

The production plan is an update on the original plan called “Roadmap E” announced last year.

World Health Organisation claims 6.5m people DIE from air pollution Every Year. (The Lancet Agrees) Jameson Dow - Mar. 12th 2018. Electrek

IBut likening this to tobacco companies does not rightly convey the scale of destruction which oil companies have wrought on the world. As bad as cigarettes are, their effects are largely local to each tobacco user and their immediate environment, not global.  The oil industry’s actions have caused problems on a much grander scale than tobacco companies ever did.

The various court judgments and settlements against the tobacco industry were historic, and the industry agreed to pay hundreds of billions of dollars for their actions.  But this pales in comparison to the damages that dirty energy has caused over the years.  As Schwarzenegger pointed out in his speech, the World Health Organization estimates that 6.5 million people die from air pollution worldwide every year, much of which comes from the burning of oil.  The Lancet has similar numbers, with 6.5 million dying from air pollution a total of 9 million dying from all forms of pollution.

According to the Lancet study above, and also according to this International Monetary Fund working paper, dirty energy as a whole benefits from roughly $5 trillion in subsidies globally per year, with about $600 billion of that in the US alone.  This applies to all dirty energy combined so oil isn’t responsible for all of that $600 billion themselves (coal is part of it too), but considering they have been benefitting from these subsidies for their entire existence, over a century, a settlement in the range of $200 billion, like the tobacco settlement was, hardly sounds like enough.

The courage and vision behind Tesla and Space X - Elon Musk March 10, 2018 by Matt Pressman. EVANNEX

Editors Comment

Sometimes a single man Can change the world for the better. Again EV-Alliance make no apologies for recognising and highlighting an individual as a significant, successful courageous pioneer in the EV Market place. We love all EVs equally for the benefits they bring to us now and for the health of our next generation. Most of the New Models available today and those emerging from the multitude of Global Manufacturers are simply awesome.

Tesla's Model S market dominance could indicate Tesla’s Low cost Model 3's future. March 04, 2018 by Matt Pressman. EVANNEX

Editors Comment

EV Alliance make no apologies for being fans of what Tesla have achieved. Their pioneering, courageous and hugely successful entry into the EV market  has, without doubt refocused the Strategies of all Auto Manufactures Globally, for which we and our children should be very grateful.

Children’s brain growth slowed by ‘safe’ pollution Oliver Moody, Daily Mail March 8th 2018

Children exposed to “safe” levels of air pollution in the womb develop brain damage that impairs their concentration, a study has shown.

The research is the first to link common contaminants such as nitrogen dioxide and soot to changes in the brains of unborn babies that mean that they may later struggle to focus at school. The findings suggest that even comparatively clean city air could lead to worse academic performance and an increased risk of mental health problems such as addiction or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder...

Ionity Introduces Stunning New Architecture For EV Charging Infrastructure March 7th, 2018 by Steve Hanley

Not since Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey has the world witnessed such a dramatic introduction to new technology. Absent the crashing cymbals and pounding kettle drums, the new promo for the Ionity charging stations of the future makes visual love to the chargers in a way that is almost erotic. At one point, the camera looks up at a charger the same way Kubrick’s camera focused on that obsidian obelisk at the beginning of the movie.

2018 Jaguar I-Pace revealed: 395bhp and 298 Mile range for pivotal EV Rachel Burgess, Autocar UK Mar 02, 2018

Jaguar has pipped its competitors to the post, revealing its first stand-alone electric model before SUV rivals from Audi and Mercedes.

The 395bhp I-Pace is the first pure-electric model from the Coventry-based brand and spearheads a range of forthcoming electrified Jaguars. The next electric model, due next year, will be a new-generation XJ luxury sedan, and hybrid versions of its other models will start arriving by 2020.

Another ‘ultra-fast’ electric vehicle charging network is coming to Europe Fred Lambert - Mar. 2nd 2018

We can barely keep up now. If you haven’t been following, Europe is completely onboard now with the ‘ultra-fast’ 350 kW charging technology even before any electric car can actually take advantage of all that power.

The continent is going for future proof charging infrastructure and now a fifth network is starting to install the new, more powerful stations.

Another ‘ultra-fast’ electric vehicle charging network is coming to Europe Fred Lambert - Mar. 1st 2018

Jaguar has officially unveiled its production version of its first all-electric vehicle: the I-Pace.

After already releasing many of the specs over the last year, we didn’t get many surprises today, but the automaker did confirm all the production specs and the price is apparently much higher than anticipated.

Rome latest city to announce car ban, will ban diesel cars from historical center starting 2024 Jameson Dow - Feb. 28th 2018

Hot on the heels of a German court’s decision to allow cities to enforce diesel bans, Italy is also getting into the game.  Rome mayor Virginia Raggi annnounced “Rome has decided to ban the use of diesel cars from its historical center from 2024” at the Women4Climate conference in Mexico City this week.

Waymo releases great comprehensive video showing what their self-driving van sees in real-time Fred Lambert - Feb. 28th 2018

Outside of the tech community, self-driving technology is still seeing a lot of pushback from people who don’t trust computers driving a car for them.

A new video released by Alphabet’s Waymo does a great job to familiarize people with the technology.

Daimler announces $1.8 billion investment to produce Mercedes EQ-branded electric vehicles in China Fred Lambert - Feb. 22nd 2018

Tesla already has several different charging programs, like the Supercharger network, Urban Superchargers, and the Destination Charging network.

Now the automaker is adding another one to the mix, the “Workplace Charging” program.

Tesla launches a new ‘Workplace Charging’ program to supply free charging stations to businesses Fred Lambert - Feb. 22nd 2018

Tesla already has several different charging programs, like the Supercharger network, Urban Superchargers, and the Destination Charging network.

Now the automaker is adding another one to the mix, the “Workplace Charging” program.

German cities are now allowed to enforce driving bans on diesel cars
Fred Lambert - Feb. 27th 2018

Germany has been quite slow to adopt electric vehicles. It’s partly due to domestic automakers just now starting to launch a new generation of EVs and also due to the country being entrenched in diesel for years.

But now that the Dieselgate scandal has shaken up the industry and brought to light the air pollution problems that come with the fuel, new more drastic solutions could start to be implemented: bans.

Several major cities around the world have been imposing occasional day-long bans on gas and diesel-powered cars when the level of smog becomes dangerous and other more permanent access restrictions to older more polluting vehicles.

In Germany, the problem is mainly with nitrogen dioxide due to the high concentration of diesel cars.

The situation is apparently particularly alarming in Stuttgart and Dusseldorf, but the federal government, backed by the local auto industry, has been against imposing any ban on those vehicles.

Now the environmental and consumer watchdog Environmental Action Germany (DUH) has taken both cities to court in order to force them to act and protect public health.

Today, we learned that Germany’s top administrative court has ruled that it is legal for cities to ban diesel cars. A local paper reported:

“The court in Stuttgart said driving bans were the “most effective” means to improve air quality and safeguard health in urban areas, while the Düsseldorf court found the bans had to be “seriously examined.”

Due to the ruling, bans could be in place as soon as September 2018.

Tesla vehicles now dominates luxury segment in Europe, outselling flagship gas-powered German cars
Fred Lambert - Mar. 20th 2018

VThe Tesla Model S has been dominating the luxury segment in its home turf, the US, for a few years now, but it had yet to surpass some flagship gas-powered German premium cars in Europe until now.

The Californian automaker’s Model X is also seeing more success in Europe...

RVW lets media drive demo version of its all-electric I.D. Concept presented as a ‘Tesla Model 3 killer’
Fred Lambert - Mar. 2nd 2017

VW has presented the I.D. Concept as its first major entry in electric vehicles with an affordable long-range option to compete with the Tesla Model 3.

In a somewhat surprising move, the German automaker has allowed some media outlets to drive the wobbly show car they used to unveil the concept last year...

Renault upgrades Zoe with more powerful electric motor
Fred Lambert - Feb. 19th 2018

The Renault Zoe got its big model year update a year ago with an updated ~200 miles range on a 41 kWh battery pack.

This year it gets a smaller, but still welcomed update with a slightly more powerful electric motor.

The French automaker unveiled the new R110 electric motor for the 2018 model-year Zoe.

Three million EVs now on the road worldwide by  Zap Map

There are more than three million electric vehicles on the road worldwide according to data collated by ZSW – the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg...

National Grid issues EV grid demand fact check after misreporting
Clean Energy, Liam Stoker - 11th August 2017

National Grid has today moved to dispel various misconceptions over its projections for extra power demand triggered by an electric vehicle revolution in the UK...

Nissan Leaf review: is this the electric car to finally persuade you out of a conventional family hatchback?
Andrew English, Motoring Correspondent - 23rd January 2018

It’s a sunny, breezy day and outside your house, a bank of solar panels sizzle and a spinning array of wind turbines ululate and stir in your peripheral vision...

Funding for thousands of electric car charge points unused by councils
GOV.UK, 12th Jan. 2018

Ministers write to local councils urging them to take up electric car charge-point funding.

Alibaba-Backed He Xiaopeng Bets Entire Fortune On Another “Tesla Killer”
Clean Technica, Nicolas Zart - Jan 2018

Ah, to be in your early 40s and have about 1 billion yuan ($155 million) burning a hole in your pocket! That is exactly what’s happening with Xiaopeng Motors chairman He Xiaopeng’s clothing, so he is now betting his fortune on yet another Tesla killer (YATK).

The best electric cars 2018 UK: The best EVs for sale in the UK
Jonathan Bray - 2018

Want to buy an EV in 2018? Here are the best electric cars for sale in the UK.

In 2018 an electric vehicle (EV) is a viable choice for those in the car market. What’s more, the government has been told it needs to be far more ambitious with electric cars, suggesting that three-fifths of cars sold by 2030 should be electric. That means we’re going to see more and more EVs on our roads in the coming decade.

After leading electric car adoption, Norway now aims to lead electric flight Electrek, Fred Lambert - Jan. 18th 2018

Norway has been leading the world for electric car adoption for years now. In December, EVs represented over 50% of new car sales – something that no other country can come close to at this point...

BMW now says that its Tesla Model 3 competitor iNext will have an insane 435-mile range Electrek, Fred Lambert - Jan. 17th 2018

BMW is promising a series of new all-electric cars starting next with the first all-electric Mini, but the most anticipated one is the 2021 iNext electric vehicle, which the German automaker has been positioning as a Tesla Model 3 competitor...

Electric cars don’t make sense, economically or environmentally Extract From Denver Post, David Ewert, Stockton, Calif - Jan 2018

A common, basic misunderstanding regarding electric vehicles is that they pollute via the coal-produced electricity that they use to charge. This has been thoroughly evaluated many times and found to be untrue. The reason? Electric vehicles are very, very efficient. Even if they charge using only coal-produced electricity, they use so little energy that there is still an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared to a similar gasoline-powered vehicle.

Another common misunderstanding is that electricity is only produced in coal-fired power plants; the reality is that electricity is produced from many different sources that all feed into the national grid. Every year there are more clean sources and fewer dirty sources, which means your electric car actually produces less emissions with time compared to gas vehicles, which become less efficient with age.

Fact, Fake or Future? (we can all dream) Electrek, Fred Lambert - Jan. 9th 2018

Fisker officially unveils its new EMotion all-electric vehicle with 400-mile range.

Hydrogen will beat ICE AND EV! ………..Really?
Read on to find out how?
Electrek, Fred Lambert - Jan. 8th 2018

Promises for the future from 'BIG MOTOR' Fuel included - Jan. 2017

Germany could see materials shortages in push for EV market domination.

Car makers are relying on EV strategies to boost their flagging sales of diesel and to help them meet strict CO2 output guidelines due to come into effect in the EU by 2021. However, any increase in battery production will hit the supply market for raw minerals...

Electric cars reach new 52% market share record in Norway thanks to Tesla’s record deliveries Electrek, Fred Lambert - Jan. 3rd 2018

As we anticipated with Tesla breaking its monthly delivery record in Norway halfway through December, the new electric vehicles contributed to electric car market share reaching a new 52 percent record in the country last month...

All Volvo cars to be electric or hybrid from 2019 Futurism, Brad Jones - July 5th 2017

Landmark move as first big manufacturer says it will stop making vehicles solely powered by internal combustion engine...

VW’s Electrify America to install ‘2,800 charging stations’ at workplaces and apartments Electrek, Fred Lambert - Dec. 19th 2017

Landmark move as first big manufacturer says it will stop making vehicles solely powered by internal combustion engine...


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2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance: Here's What We Thought

6000+public charging locations in the UK as of today
ZapMap, 25/7/18:

This is pretty significant as we are getting closer to the c.8,400 petrol stations. Not long now!

Electric cars don’t make sense, economically or environmentally