The Barriers to EV Adoption:  Perceived and Real - Listed by most quoted

  • Range Anxiety:

    Limited Range.

    I can’t recharge anywhere on a journey.

    They take hours to charge.

  • Value Anxiety:

    The Battery will wear out.

    The Electric Motor will wear out.

    If I wait they will be cheaper.

  • Cost Anxiety:

    The Battery will wear out.

    The Electric Motor will wear out.

    If I wait they will be cheaper.

  • Performance Anxiety:

    They must be a slow as a Milk Float.

    Every other (ICE) car will be quicker.

    If I wait the performance will Improve.

  • Style Anxiety:

    Surely they don’t look like normal cars.

    If I wait I might have more choice.

IF we really believe we can, as an Alliance of Owners, Evangelists, Corporate Members and Patrons, accelerate the adoption off Electric Vehicles we really need to answer these concerns with a high degree of validity.


EVA believes this prediction to be hugely conservative.

  • Range Anxiety (Driving From Home:

    It is not generally appreciated that the purchase of an Electric vehicle comes with a Home Charger Kit which can be installed inside or outside your home or office. By Plugging in every night while you sleep for 6 to 8 hours all EV’s will charge to their maximum range, so you have a full tank ( of electrical power) when you wake up each morning.The same Charger Kit can be installed at a place of work, (6 to 8 hours) or a hotel ( 6-8 hours) or a golf club (5-6 hours). The Miles available in a “full Tank” depends on the size of the Battery, the best of which currently provides 335 Miles, although Samsung have recently announced an EV Battery pack that will provide 430 miles of range from a single charge !!

  • Value Anxiety:

    The Battery will wear out.

    The Electric Motor will wear out.

    If I wait they will be cheaper.

  • On The Journey (The Road Trip):

    There are over 5,000 independent publicly available charger stations in the UK today which collectively provide over 14,000 charge points. And this is just the beginning.

    In August 2017 alone over 400 new Charging Points were installed in the Uk.

    All Evs are clever enough to know exactly how many miles you may have left in the “tank” at all times, based on your current or recent driving style. There are many Smart phone Apps available today that will tell EV owners where the nearest charge points are, based on the technical charging needs of the particular vehicle.

  • Time to Charge  ( Coffee Rest stop):

    This of course depends on the length of your journey required to get you home, or to your next planned destination charge point. The best examples of roadside charging today can provide over 200 miles in less that 30 minutes, the factual answer depends on the technology employed by the Vehicle and the Charger being used.  The global national Infrastructure is being upgraded to accommodate 350KW  road side chargers which will deliver 200 miles of range in less than 15 minutes.

  • Value Anxiety - the Battery ( Life Expectancy):

    EVs use a completely different Li-Ion Battery technology to that of smart phones and lap tops (which do degrade over time). A great example of this is a very early adopter of a Tesla who has completed 500,000 miles and the battery still charges to (and maintains)  85% of original efficiency.

  • Value Anxiety - Motor longevity:

    There are currently no cases of EV motors having to be replaced due to excessive use. Given the huge difference in the design and function  of the EV Versus an ICE, it is eminently logical to expect more life from an Electric Motor (20 moving parts - no gearbox) than an ICE with 2000 moving parts many of which are moving at a rate in excess of 5000 revolutions (revs)  per minute .

    The Founders  of EV alliance passionately believe this to be extremely conservative and we consider it our objective, indeed responsibility,  to prove that opinion to beTRUE. Right Now there are over 150 EV models available to but today from 17 different Manufacturer Brands. Of that 150 , nearly 70 are Pure electric and are therefore ZERO emission Vehicles.

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  • Value Anxiety  - Cheaper to Wait:

    This is of course true as the population of the 2nd hand EV market grows and the raw cost of the Battery technology reduces, combined with rapid increases in volume sales worldwide and of course increased competition amongst EV manufacturers all chasing a rapidly expanding market segment.

    However, this will always be true at any point in time, particularly as this is now a technology market driven by Software, firmware and not an industrial manufacturing market stuck in hundreds of years of gentle evolutionary habit.

  • Cost Anxiety - Electricity is Expensive:

    when compared to the costs of Petrol and Diesel, suggests that this barrier is in fact a myth.

  • Cost Anxiety - Servicing:

    With so few moving parts, no gear box, no oil, no radiator, no carburators, no spark plug and no explosions, the servicing demands of an EV are limited to the mechanicals of the vehicle, excluding the engine. The annual servicing is often a fixed annual price for a simple  inspection of c £150. The real Anxiety is within the motor trade who will be hampered in margin recovery from the practice of continually escalating service charges.

    In fact because EVs use regenerative braking by the motor to add charge back to the battery, there will be substantially less brake pad and brake disc wear.

  • Performance Anxiety - Inadequate or Exceptional:

    Simply not an issue. Electric motors have constant “always on “torque, no gears, not even automatic gears, they are surprisingly quick, they are smooth and they are well balanced often with a low centre of gravity as the battery pack makes up the floor pan ( in most BEV cases) making for a superb handling experience. The top of the range ZEVs can achieve 0-60 in less that 3 seconds.

  • Style Anxiety - Consumer choice:

    There are over 148 different EV Models to chose from in the UK Market TODAY.

But you do not have to rush out and buy an electric vehicle, although we do recommend it, it is not essential for you to make assist in acceleration EV adoption.

You can make a real difference today by simply joining the Electric Vehicle Alliance.




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