You are one of 100,000 courageous, forward thinking early adopters

Natural potential supporters of our Mission. We understand your vehicle purchase was not a whim. It was a carefully considered investment. We believe that the generic barrier to EV acceptability is the lack of consumer awareness and understanding (as does the Government). This needs to change. You can help by displaying a sticker and evangelising when you get the chance.

This is what The UK Government Committee on Climate Change had to say:

“The pathway to high uptake of EVs requires that awareness and acceptance grows in parallel to performance improvements through wider exposure to EV’s”

EVA wish to overcome this lack of awareness and misunderstanding. We challenge disinformation and “fake news” from those with self interest to protect. Further; We believe we can grow awareness and acceptance in advance of performance improvement, and not just in “Parallel To”

There are presently over 100,000 EVs in use on British roads today and  2 Million Worldwide .verify Within the term Electric Vehicle this publication includes both ZEVs ( Zero Emission EVs) and PHEVs  Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles it pays little heed to Mild Hybrids  otherwise referred to simply as  ‘electrified cars’ this is only a Tick Box exercise for some manufacturers that allows incredible announcements and takes advantage of the lack of consumer awareness.


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