The energy revolution

The History of ICE

The vast majority of vehicle owners today obtain power from  an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The ICE is a genius and incredibly complex piece of engineering but it comes at a cost. The first ICE was designed in the late 1700’s, patented in 1794 by Robert Street . The ICE engine as we know it today was first commercialised in 1876. You may recognise some of the genius names behind the delivery to the modern world. Daimler, Otto,  Diesel, Maybach, & Benz were the leading pioneers (source Wikipedia) of a new form of propulsion (the poor horse and Steam Engine had had its day).  The ICE at this time was referred to as a ‘Compressed 4-cycle engine’.

Any way you look at it 223 years is a long, long time ago.

We are, right now living through the dawn of an Energy Revolution and EVA believe the impact of this revolution on our lives will be no less positive than the Agricultural, Industrial, Technological and Communication’s revolutions.

Why are we so motivated to accelerate the adoption of Electric Vehicles?

When The Consumer has a choice – He takes it.


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